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    Armen Mkhitaryan
    PhD, doctor-pathologist
    Parandzem Khachatryan
    PhD, doctor-pathologist
    Viktoria Sahakyan

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    Histological examination

    A wide range of histological and histochemical examinations is applied at Hystogen pathology center. For...

    Cytological examination

    At Hystogen pathology center, the following cytological examinations are performed: Screening for uterine neck cancer...

    Immunohistochemical examination

    Immunohistochemical examinations conducted at the Hystogen pathology center include a wide range of antibodies needed...

    Molecular pathology

    At Histogen pathology center, HER2 neu and ALK gene mutations are diagnosed by “in...

    Gynecological service

    At Histogen pathologic center, small, non-invasive, gynecological services are offered, gynecological consultations are provided,...

    Ultrasonographic examination

    Histogen pathology center is equipped with contemporary ultrasonic examination device that allows to perform high-quality radiological diagnostic...

    Latest news

    «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology has been recognized as the best center of pathology.

    You can count your health on our experienced professionals.  

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    From now «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology performs MSI examination.

    Gastrointestinal cancer. <<Histogen>> Armenian-German scientific center of pathology is the only one in Armenia that performs an MSI examination. But what is MSI examnitaion?  Many types of cancer are...

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    «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology performs a cytological examination of ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid.

    In the world, the number of people suffering from thyroid disease is constantly increasing at the same time in RA. «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology performs a cytological...

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    From now on «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology started a new type of examination- CISH Probe

    CISH Probe (HER2 neu / ALK) diagnosis in «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology. Currently, the most important characteristic of malignancies is not only the stage of the disease...

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    The Grand Opening of «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology

    «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology was opened on July 25, 2017. Minister of Health of RA Levon Altunyan, heads of medical centers, laboratories and specialists attended the opening...

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    We already have a facebook page

    Our Facebook page works hereafter. Our homepage is https://www.facebook.com/HistogenArmenia/

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