Ideology of the center

  • Contemporary approach to provision of pathomorphological services

  • Acquisition of modern technologies and investment in daily activities, in order to enhance the quality of diagnosis and treatment in the health care sector, and to fully evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

  • Close cooperation, exchange of opinions and experience with the leading laboratories of the Republic of Armenia and foreign countries.

  • Promotion of interdisciplinary connections, clarifying the language of communication between pathologists and clinicians in favor of the patient.

  • Progress in the field of pathology in line with the rhythm of medical science development.

  • Conducting high-quality and comprehensive morphological research in the field of science.                                                     

Why trust us?

Accurate and fast diagnosis by experienced and highly qualified specialists of Histogen will give you the opportunity to get effective treatment. Our specialists work in line with international standards, using the latest equipment and high-quality materials produced by world-renowned organisations.