CISH Probe examination

From now on «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology started a new type of examination- CISH Probe.

CISH Probe (HER2 neu / ALK) diagnosis in «Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology.

Currently, the most important characteristic of malignancies is not only the stage of the disease and the morphological variety, but also its genetic description. The use of modern molecular techniques in morphology enables to examine and detect deviations of the tumor cells in gene. In medicine there are several ways to detect gene changes in tumors, the most important of which are immunohistochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and chromogenic in situ (CISH) methods. These methods explore gene mutations, DNA and evaluate the condition of the gene and its changes. During the CISH method, DNA probes are labeled with chromogen and the results of hybridization are evaluated by a light microscope.
«Histogen» Armenian-German scientific center of pathology is the only one that uses the CISH Probe (HER2 neu / ALK) method to determine the presence of cancer in the tissue.

The advantage of the CISH method to the FISH that the morphological picture of the tissue is preserved during this type of probe, which gives an ability to evaluate morphological and genetic characteristic features on the same slide. Besides, the slides of CISH method can be maintained for a long time, while it is not possible during a FISH method, as fluorescents signals are rapidly disappearing.